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Daily maintenance of nitrogen and oxygen generation system

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Air compressor daily maintenance

1. Water leak from oil tank: Before running the machine, open the water drain valve of oil tank less, and drain the condensation water when it is stop. Till the oil drains out, close the valve immediately.
2. Oil level checking: Oil level is above the warning level.
Check the temperature of output air, lubricating oil, and motor in the air compressor.
3. Check the leakage of pipeline and tightness of joint connection.
4. Check the running sound of air compressor.
Filter daily maintenance
1. Check the drain valve which is at the bottom of filter.
2. Check the differential pressure gauge of filter.
Nitrogen generator daily maintenance
1. Manually check all valves’ action
2. Check the setting pressure 
3. Check all the instruments 
4. Check the silencer.