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High purity nitrogen generator applies for electronic, medic

Description:Nitrogen Generator for chemical, metallurgy, electronicindustry/ PSA Nitrogen Gas separation system PSA Nitrogen generators are also called PSA nitrogen plant whichhave become the preferred source for nitrogen producing on-site Nitrogen gas...

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Nitrogen Generator for chemical, metallurgy, electronic industry/ PSA Nitrogen Gas separation system
PSA Nitrogen generators are also called PSA nitrogen plant which have become the preferred source for nitrogen producing on-site Nitrogen gas. The technology of nitrogen plants are used in Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), it is very reliable and totally automatically. 

Parameter of Nitrogen Generator 
Condition: New                          
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name:Hongjinli 
Model: HN3020
Nitrogen ProductionRate: 20Nm3/h
Voltage: 220V   Power(W): 0.2KW
Certification:ISO13485, CE, ISO9001
Warranty: 12months after commissioning
After-sales Service: Overseas available
Type: Skid-mounted
Dew point: -45ºC - -60ºC
purity: 99.99%
capacity: 20 Nm3/h
PSA Nitrogen Generator Work Principle
After ambient air is absorbed in by a jet oil worm compressor. Most vapor and oil in the compressor is removed. The compressed air away from the compressor enters into first step concentration filter in which most dust, oil and water drop are removed. Then in the following freeze dryer more water and oil vapor are removed by means of condensation. The air left away from the freeze dryer is dry and warm and residual water content in the air is equal to atmospheric dew point -20ºC. The second step concentration filter reduces content of dust and oil drop further but oil vapor cannot be removed. In the last step active carbon filter removes residual oil vapor.
To select air supply system provided by GASPU will guarantee long working life of the CMS and low operating cost.

* Reliable technology
* Operation cost saving
*  Lower maintenance cost
* Automated Operation.
* Easy installation and operation
* 24hours keep running 
Chemical, metallergy, electronic  industiral Applications

Chemical oxygen removing
Chemical atmosphere protective
Metallergy processing
Electronical SMT
Company Info

Suzhou Hong Jin Li Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is the manufacture which is located in the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes of Suzhou, and focus on the products of air separation units, such as nitrogen generator, hydrogen generator, oxygen generator and etc. Meanwhile company is engaged in technology research and development. 

The company brings together senior professional and technical elite machinery, electrical appliances, gas technology and many other collaboration, efficient, and hired Dr. many industry experts as consultants, has strong ability of integrated product development. Also has a rich experience, high level of professional design, production, after sale service team. And has formed three level management system of R & D, manufacturing and service.....

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